Top 6 reasons to get married in the Riviera Maya!

  1. The ocean as you background; getting married at the beach with the beautiful Caribbean sea for an amazing turquoise color, the breeze embracing you and your loved ones is priceless, the Riviera Maya offers tons of amazing wedding locations with the best views!
  2. Activity planning is made easy; the Riviera Maya has countless of activities for all ages, between the beach, the Mayan ancient cities, the beautiful Cenotes and team parks there’s ample opportunity for activities surrounding your wedding.
  3. Family would be more than happy to travel; if there are two things people don’t mind hopping on a plane for, it’s: a wedding & the beach!
  4. The warm tropical weather; you will have the opportunity to wear not one… BUT two amazing wedding dresses! choose an classic elegant ceremony dress and a shorter version cocktail dress to dance around in the sand! After all… we all girls love to shop!
  5. Relax; let’s face it- the beach is an incredibly relaxing place to be. This will rub off on your ceremony and allow you to have a stress free day with more time to spend with friends and family.
  6. Doranna is here! With over 20 years of experience, I will help you make your ideal hairstyle come true! when its comes to hair with the breeze and weather there are a few things to consider, let me help you find the perfect look to ensure you look fabulous trough all your ceremony and wedding reception!

Wedding planning is fun! we would love to be part of this amazing experience contact me for personal service! located in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Akumal, Tulum and all the Riviera Maya.

Elegance and simplicity always! ~

Doranna de Bortoli

TIPS to craft the best wedding ever!

  1. LOOK Amazing! Make sure you have a great hairstylist and makeup artist, always keep in mind the style of your dress and accessories when choosing your look, we would highly recommend to have a TEST a few days before of your hair and makeup, this day will happen only once in your life! Contact me for personalized service an advice.
  1. Keep the ceremony short; even tough friends & family would love to be with you during your special day, keep it short to have everybody’s attention (A good suggestion can be 20 mins tops)
  1. Create a well-planned seating chart; Try to group people together with similar backgrounds and interests, so they’ll have something to talk about even if they’ve never met before.
  1. Open Bar; open bars might be costly but for sure they have great effect on parties! to keep the costs down you could have only a few options of drinks let’s say 3 or 4… guarantee the party time at your wedding.
  1. Have a nice Signature Cocktail after the ceremony to receive everyone at the dinner reception, latest mixologists have come up with colorful drinks that will WOW your guests!
  1. Serve late night snacks to continue partying!
  1. It might be obvious but the food MUST be a 10! make sure you have a menu tasting before the special day! Nothing keeps everyone happier than food.
  1. Design a lounge area for people to interact with other guests, not everyone will want to be in the dance floor, so a quieter area with lower music and comfy seats will give your guests the opportunity to chat with others.
  1. Make sure your DJ is good and also take song requests from your guests!
  1. Give a “favor “people will use, for example sandals for dancing comfortably, regional candies to take home, or personalized face towels, etc.
  1. Use a Wedding App or Hashtag, keep all your guests connected by sharing funny & special moments of your wedding day! Instagram is a good one to get some images shared!

Remember that tiny details make a HUGE difference, Happy planning & we hope to see you in the Riviera Maya, LOVE from Paradise!

Stay tuned for more tips, news & ideas!

Doranna- Hairstylist & Makeup artist