Pre-Wedding T.I.G.H.T.E.N. ~ Getting Your Best Body for Your Big Day

As soon as the high from saying “yes” wears off, often the nerves arrive about how you will look in that wedding gown you have always dreamed about. Unless we are a marathon runner (and maybe even if we are), we are often concerned about the shape our body is in, especially for a big event. and what is a bigger event than our WEDDING! And a destination wedding in the Riviera Maya means you will be showing some skin and may want a tighter fitting dress.  This system will help you meet your goal to look your best on your big day!

Woman Receiving Engagement Ring

We have come up with a system that follows the acronym T.I.G.H.T.E.N. The first step is to start RIGHT NOW!  Don’t wait and think you have a long time because you set a date 18 months from now.  They will fly by! Start now.  You can be gentle with yourself by starting now and go slow and easy.  Getting fit doesn’t mean 3 hours a day at the gym.  Consistency is the key.

Let’s begin.


Tone. Toning can be easy and no you do not have to go to the gym.  If the gym will motivate you, go for it.  But if the extra expense doesn’t fit into your wedding budget or if you cringe at trying to find the time to go to the gym, then you can find everything you want at home to do this.

Extra weights are great if you have them but you can also find weights all over your home.  Full detergent bottles, vegetable cans, etc. can work as well.  If you have hand weights or work out bands, all the better but do not feel you have to go invest money to do this.  You can also tone with resistance training with your own weight.  That way you can exercise no matter where you are.


It is easy to find workout routines nowadays online.  You can find short ones too anywhere from 2 minutes to an hour.  Vary your workouts from yoga to interval workouts.  The key is to never get bored.

Invigorate. Pampering yourself is part of getting the best body.  Treat yourself once a week to a massage or an invigorating tub soak.  Add herbs to your foods or oils to your teas to give them an extra spark, as well as, zaz to their flavor.  Get excited about life and your 5 senses. Enjoy each moment of the planning process.  You won’t be a bride-to-be forever!


Get moving. This sounds like going to the gym and getting in a step class but it doesn’t have to be.  Get up out of bed 20 minutes early and take a walk.  Walking can also be a calming meditation and a great way to get ideas.  Do squats while you are brushing your teeth. Jump up and down while cooking that pasta. Even small changes like parking at a far away parking space will help you get moving and raise your metabolism and energy level.

Hydrate. This is the most important for your health and nerves.  Drinking water will help you feel good, glow and stay healthy.  If you aren’t a great water drinker, trick yourself until you are.  Add lemon to hot water in the morning to get a cleansing effect from the night and to boost your metabolism.  Make fresh waters by adding cucumber, strawberry, lemon, mint to your water.  Buy a beautiful glass drinking bottle to take with you that you love and keep it filled up at all times.  You can even buy essential oils (Please be sure they are safe to consume. Not all brands or kinds are.) to keep in your purse to add to your water.  In these days you can even buy portable packs of powdered supplements or teas to take with you.


Teas are a great way to keep hydrated too, whether hot or cold.  Fruit waters a lighter than juices but still are packed with nutrients.  And, of course, juices will be a good choice, especially in the morning if you are on the go.

Tan. This needs to be done responsibly.  If you are the one everyone admires because you walk out in the sun and start to turn a beautiful olive tone, this will be easy for you.  But if you are of Nordic descent you may opt for self-tanning booths or products.  The key to this step is just to get a healthy glow.  Everyone looks a bit slimmer too with a tan.   WARNING: this is not the step to do the week before your wedding!  (Especially if you are having a destination wedding in Mexico, such as Cancun or Playa del Carmen, you are there to get married not get the tan of your life.) Do not rush this.  You do not want to walk down the aisle and people wonder who the lobster is getting married.  Nor do you want to be a peeling mess.  A little goes a long way.  And no matter your melanin level, always use sunscreen!

Eat healthy.  Again, this doesn’t have to be a sudden life shifting change or you will hate it!  Try adding some snacks to your car or purse and snack throughout the day to keep your blood sugar even and keep you from binging at meals.  Nuts and dried fruits are a great way to munch during the day and get nutrients and good fats.  Try adding a salad to meals instead of replacing meals with it.  You will get the nutrients and fill up a bit but won’t deprive yourself of a yummy meal. If you do not have time for a meal, rather than skipping it can you grab a smoothie somewhere or make it and take it with you? Simple easy steps will make this a fun journey.


Nourish yourself. This is more about mind and spirit rather than body.  You are hydrating and eating healthy now.  Focus also on your emotional and mental well-being.  Yoga is a great way to get fit as well as connect with your body.  Tune in and ask your body what it needs.  If you are quiet enough, it will tell you. Meditation doesn’t have to be 20-30 minutes of quiet time because honestly where are we going to find that? Take 5 minute breaks from the computer to practice and focus on your breathing and posture. Too long? Take a 2 minute break.  Deep breath or chant mantras in the car at stop lights (if you are alone that is).  Stretch.  There is not enough value placed on stretching! It feels so good and connects you to your body releasing lactic acid and endorphins.  Again, simple small steps and the tortoise wins the race.

Keys to remember are:

°Try to get going right out of bed in the morning before the day robs you of time.

°Journal about your progress.

°Be gentle with yourself. If you miss a day or binge on ice cream, just begin again now.  There is always a new now. It’s right now!

°Have a cheat day or two! You deserve it.

°Do not compare yourself to others.  Map your progress against yourself.

You may not see the changes right away but starting early and being consistent will create changes.  Take photos from the beginning because soft slight changes add up but you may not notice them each day.  Take a photo in the same clothes and in the same position with the same background and check it every month You will be surprised at the results. Now you have no worries to have that dreamed of destination wedding in the Riviera Maya (maybe Tulum or Akumal).  You are going to look your best and might even want to wear a bikini down the aisle!


Now you have no worries to have that dreamed of destination wedding in the Riviera Maya.  You are going to look your best and might even want to wear a bikini down the aisle!

Now, remember that a healthy regime and body are reflected in glowing skin and shiny hair.  It will be an honor for me to work with you and your ladies for hair and makeup on your wedding day.  It will be the cherry on the top of being pampered for the big day.  I can transform your wedding day into a whimsical adventure!

-Doranna De Bortoli & Team



2017 Wedding Trends Part 5: Bridal Hair

I am so excited about this last part of our series.  This is my passion and I hope you can feel it through this last part on hairstyles for 2017!  I live and breathe for my job and love to transform what may have been a big day into a whimsical one!  I love to add my magic to the day with a special touch to the bride, bridesmaids and other guests in the wedding party.  Every event is special and I take a little more joy into my heart with every wedding.  I am joyous for this upcoming year!


This upcoming year is going to be full of elegance but relaxed elegance.  Hair tends to be a bit more versatile for the bride since it is her day and she can choose the way she wants to look and feel.  Fashion dictates the dress and makeup but most hairstyles can go for each upcoming year.


The biggest hair trend for 2017 is a relaxed and natural flow.  This can be achieved with an updo or with a down do.  Mostly, hair will not be super formal and styled with lots of product.  When having a ceremony in a beachy environment like the Riviera Maya or Playa del Carmen, some product will be needed but it is important to know how much to establish a natural look without non-movement.  The type of product is also important.  This only come to well-studied and experienced master stylists who have been in the tropical climate for much time.


Let’s begin….




Curls and waves always make a girl feel more feminine!  This is a great style for breezier days.  Most brides have an idea of what they want on their wedding day, but remember that the weather can dictate what is best for you.  Outdoor destination weddings on the beach, such as in Cancun, can be beautiful but unpredictable so it is a good idea to be flexible on your big day.  Updo curls are a great way to look elegant but also have your hair styled in a way that won´t cover your face for photos on “more than breezy” days. (Wink!) Many brides select this style to have a neck free from hair in the tropical environment of destination weddings in Tulum or Akumal.




This is the straight hair’s answer to the updo.  If you have sleek, non-curly hair, this is the answer for you.  This is a clean and fresh look where I will work with a product that will keep hair in place without making it look stiff.  You can do it super clean by up doing all of the strands or by leaving a few tendrils hanging to give it some movement in the natural sea breeze.  It’s up to you!





These are a little more beachy and looser. If you want a more laid back feel and look this is perfect!  It is classy but free and sassy at the same time.  The styles are not pulled back so tight and can have pieces that flow, if you please.




So if you have those sexy long locks, this is the way to rock them!  I just have a few suggestions.  If you are having a day wedding on the beach, I would recommend a partial updo on the sides.  During the day there is a salty breeze plus humidity plus sweat and if your sides are down the strands could get matted to your face and this is not magical at all!  You can still have your hair cascading down your back with the sides pulled back which will actually accent your facial features.  Just remember, down and long will be hotter here in the tropical climate with this style.  Another important tip I have for you is the use of clip-in extensions.  These will allow you to have extra volume in a humid environment while also helping your natural hair hold the style, such as waves or curls. (Be sure if you would like to do this, that you order your extensions to match your hair in time to bring them with you for your trial or wedding.)


If your wedding is inside, day or night, you can go full on down and long.  Evening weddings or indoor ones are cooler and you will be more comfortable with this style.  Being inside also protects you from the salty breezes which tend to frizz the hair and blow it around.





You can’t have all the fun as the bride!  Share it with your girls and mums and those precious flower girls!  I need to make a note here: No matter how many are in your party, I WILL BE THE ONE ATTENDING YOU, the bride! If your party is 5 or more, I will need to bring in some of my team but I will always be the one who attends the bride.  This will never change.  This is very important to me that the bride is never surprised on her day with a change of master stylist.


Now that that is cleared up!  The girls need to have a fun pampering time and the joy of looking fantastic and glowing on your day!  If it is a smaller party, then I will attend all of the girls and mums.  If the party is larger, then I bring my master stylist team members.  No matter what, I pride myself on everyone looking their very best on this very important day!


Any of the above styles work well with a flower accent or floral wreath embedded in the style. Flowers give it that beachy natural-in-nature feel that comes with the environment in the Mexican Caribbean. Jeweled accents or silk headbands work well, too, if you want a more formal look or for at night.


Remember, too, ladies that you can change your styles.  If you have a beach wedding and have an indoor reception it is a wonderful and fun idea to go from an updo to long and flowy or the reverse.  I can stay with you for touchups or for a full change.  That is what I am here for!

I cannot wait to work with you and your ladies´ hairstyles for your special day for your Riviera Maya wedding!

-Doranna De Bortoli & Team

2017 Wedding Trends Part 4: Bridal Makeup

The makeup trends for 2017 range from minimal to romantic to bold to daring. Any personality a bride has will be able to find a look they will feel comfortable walking down the aisle with on their big day for their Cancun wedding.

Fresh Pink, the Minimalist Glow


From lipstick to cheeks to shadow, a soft, neutral pink can be harmonizing to every bride.  Pinks can come with cool or warm undertones to compliment your look.  We all can sport pink as it is a part of our healthy glow!  Use this look with a dewy or matte finish. When we are happy or embarrassed blood flows the surface of our skin giving away our innermost essence which can be very romantic, innocent, or downright sexy! Now you can control that on your wedding day with makeup!  Rock that monochromatic look for your big day on the beaches of Playa del Carmen!


Smokey Eyes, Get Dramatic


Contouring around the eyes with a gray, blue, burgundy color will give you a smokey eye.  This look enhances your eyes and makes them pop.  The key to this is a matte finish to your face and neutral cheeks and lips.  For a full on dramatic look you can use a strong lip but we feel that is too strong for a bride but could be perfect for a reception look at night.

Pearlized Eyes, Iridescent Skin, Get the Glow

Pearl with a smokey eye
Pearl with a smokey eye

Glowing skin, lightly flushed cheeks and fresh-bitten lips dominate the look of innocence. Being demure and youthful looking is a great way to walk down the aisle. What bride doesn’t want to look innocent on her wedding day? (At least until the honeymoon!  😉


 Bold brows


Made famous by the likes Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Brooke Shields, this look works well if you HAVE bold brows.  If you have thin brows do NOT try to recreate this look!  However, if you have bold brows, start growing those babies now!  Let them fill in for your big day and celebrate the natural frames to your face!  This look goes best with glossy lips and a natural theme.  Consider matte brown for your eye shadow and liner.

False Eyelashes, Bedroom Eyes


False Eyelashes are a great way to make you look glamorous. Keep the rest of your makeup natural to make your eyes the center of attention.

False eyelashes are included with my makeup services.

Here are some tips to remember for your big day:

Tip: The key is to having great skin the day of your wedding is to make sure your skin is clean, exfoliated and well moisturized the weeks leading up to the ceremony.  Baking soda is a cheap and natural way to exfoliate your skin, easily done in the shower.  Great skin is the result of eating well and great skin care over time.  My team and I will take care of any flaws on the day with airbrush, or traditional makeup.  You will feel like a flawless porcelain doll when we finish!

Tip: Prepare lips with a sugar scrub to remove any dead skin once a week in the weeks leading up to your big day.  If you want a plumping effect, you can mix a (and just one!) drop of cinnamon oil into your nightly lip balm and daily lip gloss.  Not advised for sensitive skin.

I cannot wait to work with you and your ladies´makeup for your special day for your Riviera Maya wedding!  Be sure to ask for custom packages that include hair and makeup services for 4 or more in your bridal group!

-Doranna De Bortoli & Team



2017 Wedding Trends Part 3: Gowns

Spring/Summer 2017

The trend for 2017 is a bit more on the sexy side.  Deep plunging necklines are an excellent accessory to your Caribbean destination wedding look.  The styles for the spring are a bit more daring but work well for your Playa del Carmen wedding.  These skin-baring designs are great for beach weddings and allow for the bride to be more comfortable but still elegant in the tropical climate.

plunging plunge


Off the shoulder looks will let your sun-kissed shoulders shimmer down the aisle.  The style ranges from simple to more ornate.  Smooth satin keeps it elegant while texture and lace can add some attitude.  Lengths vary with some starting out shorter in the front and lengthening in the back.  Bows are big and plentiful for your spring look.  And if you want to play with faint color, pastel accents can accompany you down to meet your groom, as well.

plunging-off-the-shoulder sareh-nouri-wedding-dresses-fall-2017-003

Fall/Winter 2017

Fall and winter designs are bold, as well, but with textures, feathers, and tiers.  Off the shoulder still floods this season but with fitted sleeves.  Skirts will range from fitted to ruffles which will accent the sea waves for your Riviera Maya wedding.  Some of this season’s details reflect Mexico and my home!  Ruffles, fringe, and embroidery have their roots in the Flamenco style.  These are perfect for your Mexican Caribbean event where you can even dance to an authentic Mariachi band!


Materials used will be more frothy, again like the ocean’s waves, like tulle.  The tiered skirts will flow well in the gentle Caribbean breezes.  Beading will reflect the sunlight or moonlight on the beach for an outdoor wedding.  Even Mod fashion lengths, “Twiggy Style”, will be acceptable for the fall fashion, which, too, are perfect for your tropical ceremony.

mod mod2

froth froth-2

No matter what season or design you decide on, a Riviera Maya Mexican destination wedding is perfect.  The same reasons I fell in love with the area and adopted it as my home could be the reasons why you decide to have your ceremony here.  Built in natural backdrops of blue skies and turquoise waters and well as sea breezes and  a symphony of waves to gently transport you into your new happy whimsical fairytale.

Contact me and my team for your very special hair and makeup looks to go with that perfect dress!

Doranna De Bortoli & Team


2017 Wedding Trends Part 2: Trending Invitations

Invitations are exciting and very important because they are what sets your big day into motion.  The theme hints to guests what the ambiance of the event will be.  Most brides want their invitations to be elegant but unique.  We looked to the experts at Elegant Wedding Invites for their take on next year’s trends for inviting your guest list.


This year is back to nature and natural designs.  Plant-based themes with leaves and branches will accent invitations.  These are great to announce outdoor weddings!  For your destination wedding in the Riviera Maya, use palms type plant impressions.


15228026_10154634172206257_499270416_n 15240189_10154634025031257_2072272121_n

15280933_10154634172201257_45661329_n 15300691_10154634025051257_1379348555_n



Bringing back softness and romance, watercolor invitations will give that feeling of “aw”.  These you can do yourself if you have the creative gene.  Invitations such as these set the pace for a creative and unique wedding.  For a Mexican Caribbean wedding, watercolor captures the essence of the beach and sunrises.

15226550_10154634257601257_670787547_n 15239358_10154634257591257_355347196_n 15281969_10154634257606257_195744506_n 15282036_10154634257596257_645210483_n


This not-so-new style can also be done by brides who are more creative and would like to put their own energy into their planning.  Calligraphy styles can be combined with the other trends for invitations.  There are so many styles, you may choose to pick one for use in a combination with one of the other themes.


For those couples having a rustic themed wedding, using wooden tags, lace band and burlap to tie up your cards will be the first choice.  For a Riviera Maya beach wedding, you could choose to use coconut accents or fibers from a palm tree; shells are also a beautiful touch.

15218275_10154634323456257_1503245888_n 15239324_10154634323461257_1831964757_n 15280924_10154634323486257_15545921_n wedding-invites-with-creative-rustic-tags-for-2017

Invitations are like the first look for your wedding so be sure to pick something that sets the tone for your theme.  It is important that it is dramatic but stylish and lays the foundation for your theme on your big day.  Remember to choose a great destination wedding, such as Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya and contact me, Doranna, for hair and make up to make your big day a whimsical adventure!

Thank you to for their insights into 2017 invitations.

2017 Wedding Trends Part 1: Seasonal Wedding Colors

This is the first part in a four part series on 2017 Wedding Trends.

Wedding Trends 2017: Colors

We are right on the precipice of 2017 and it is going to be a busy year for weddings!  This is why we have decided to do a series on what to expect for the upcoming trends.  The first in our series will be the colors for each season.  Before you can choose anything else, you need the date.  You can not choose invitations, dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, etc without knowing the season in which you will get married.  Choosing the wedding colors will set the tone for all of your other decisions, such as, flowers, bouquet, bridemaids’ dresses and accents to your bridal updo.  Choosing your colors is a first and important step.

Let’s begin.


Even though winter begins in 2016, it starts 2017 out on a classic entrance.  Winter has pulled into top place for the most popular season edging out Spring and Summer.  This season is all about muted and elegant colors.  Themes range from varying hues in the same color such as a mixture of greens like seafoam, olive, moss, etc or combining complementing colors such as gray, purple, and blue.  Cooler colors dominate this season and blend together like a monochrome veil but with an elegance that makes it a whimsical dream.  Silvers remind you of a cold, overcast day waiting for snow.  Blues and soft greens the blurred colors of nature under a sprinkling of snow.

wpid-winter-wedding-silver-bridesmaid-dresses-2016-2017-6 blog6banner_1024x1024 c600x600 1_27eb24eb-51e3-4917-943c-cb3d2728ce4f autumn-winter-wedding-colours-2016


Spring is a time of new beginnings and is perfect for a wedding!  Spring colors are often muted pastels commemorating the gentle beginnings of life.  This year’s Spring colors gently blend together which will allow you to combine whatever combination you wish.

Spring color palettes for this year include aqua and cream; and pale lavender, pink and green.

pastel-lavender-pink-and-green-wedding-color-inspiration-ideas aqua-and-cream-wedding-color-ideas-for-spring-summer-2017 c600x583 2_6e25f8fd-d274-4255-bb7d-94f6973dfa74-1


Summer is the time when everything gets more vibrant and intense.  But this year’s Summer colors are a bit more muted.  Colors that are popular for 2017 are combinations , such as French Blue, blush and gold; sage, blush and Rose; and a more vibrant selection would be coral, teal and peach.


 frech-blue-blush-and-gold-spring-summer-wedding-color-ideas-and-trends trending-sage-and-blush-spring-summer-wedding-color-ideas-2017 3_f8f6861c-0e1b-4bc8-bcf9-68f8b7eca103 c600x642 coral-teal-and-peach-wedding-color-combination-ideasl

FALL 2017

Fall is a time when the temperature drops and everything gets more “crispy”.  The colors for weddings do too!  Colors change from bright to deeper elegant classic colors.  Wedding colors for next fall pull towards oranges, wines and deeper greens such as pine greens.

4_49e2e4bf-aeb1-4f57-99a5-e6716eb11567 c7d5ee7fa7ea644f5bb0200c213a1cd4 c600x703

Whatever season you decide to get married in, we congratulate you!  Please consider a destination wedding in Cancun or the Riviera Maya.  I would love to attend you and your ladies to convert your big day into a whimsical one!

Look for our next blog in this series about picking your invitations for your 2017 wedding!

We want to thank The Know, Wedding Pins, and Tree Hut Co. for their images.

Doranna De Bortoli & Team